Monday, July 16, 2007

Fun with Cross stitch

Monday July 16th

Must be school holidays. Here I am back again. Very tired today. I have spent a week or so staying up to watch the Tour de France. I really enjoy the cycling on the telly - and it is quiet late at night and I can sit there and stitch away at various projects without interruption.

I have been working on these little fun cross stitch patterns on and off for a while now. One day I will put them into a quilt. I am a member of a wonderful group of quilters, affectionately known as "The Cows". I won't go into details of how and why, but we have known each other for about 7 years now and really enjoy being a group. These little cross stitch pieces seemed appropriate somehow.

There are 12 altogether, but I won't bore you with them. Now I just have to think about how I am going to incorporate them into a quilt.
I must say thanks to fellow Cow - Dy Taylor who actually did read my blog yesterday and welcomed me back. I have at least one reader. Thanks Dy. She, by the way, is an incredible craftswoman and her blog is fascinating, full of all manner of crafty ideas and things she has accomplished.
It is freezing here. We have had a lovely fine, but very cold day, and were able to get out into the garden. We are building an extension onto the house and had to move about 8 very large tree ferns. Tiring but satisfying work. Now we just have to hope that they will survive the move. Even son, Mark got himself moving on his precious day off and dug the holes for us.
Just as well we got moving today. The weather forecast says more rain and cold weather tomorrow. We are having a very cold wet winter after a horiffic dry summer. Our dams are full and the ground is saturated. Every step I take the water comes up over my shoes. Unfortunately I tend to forget this and go outside in my uggies - now very muddy uggies!!

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  1. Awwww Liz, how nice. :-)
    I'm subscribed to your blog with Bloglines so I knew when to come and visit cos it tells me when blogs I've subscribed to have been updated.

    I had to laugh at you going outside in your uggies - I do exactly the same thing, so does hubby!