Sunday, July 15, 2007

Back again

July 15th
Back again!! After 5 months. Time just seemed to have disappeared once school started, but now hopefully I will be able to keep this up. Who knows? I doubt I have any readers left anyhow, so it will probably be just for me.
Had my birthday on Friday - the thirteenth. Always lucky for me. One of my girls also has a birthday on the thirteenth and we get Friday 13th in the same year as each other.
Yesterday I cooked dinner for my brother, a cousin and her husband, Don and I . Had a lot of good talk and great company and far too much great SA wine! Today the family is off to a favourite restaurant for Sunday lunch. In fact I should be getting ready now. For some reason I decided to see if I could remember how to get to my blogger page and so I am still here.
Must away, but will come back to it later - I promise.
Liz Needle

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