Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Tuesday July 17th

It is so cold here today - not snowing as in some parts of Victoria, but icy cold. In fact I think I would prefer snow to the bitterly cold wind that is coming straight off the Antarctic - or appears to be.
A walk around the garden brings me no joy. There aren't many weeds out there because of the dry summer, but it is wet, muddy and miserable and so many plants have been burnt off from the frosts we have been having. We haven't even started pruning and cutting back because there never seems to be a day that we can do it. There are a few brave , bright jonquils valiantly attempting to bring some winter cheer and the early camellias are trying, but they too are suffering from the rain and wind. Nothing else, including me, wants to show their faces.
The best place in the house is by the fire or sitting here by the computer with the heater going on my legs. Trying to think of something to write, my eye fell on the latest menu that Mark has been typing up. Hmm. Sounds great. I wonder if he will use us as the guinea pigs.
"pan-fried chicken roll topped with a sun-dried tomato, basil and white wine cream sauce, served on a bed of char-grilled vegetables"
"mussels, prawns, scallops and calamari in a mild chilli, garlic, roasted pepper and tomato broth, garnished with garlic croutons and Aoli"
"coriander and honey glazed pork rack on sage potatoes with jus and garnished with crisp pork belly"
Makes me feel quite hungry. Now, what will we have for tea tonight - chops and veg?

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