Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"The roses that bloom in the Spring, tra-la"

Tuesday Oct 31st

Halloween tonight. Fortunately we don't celebrate it in Australia, so there is no fear of witches knocking on my front door asking for treats. It helps to be living some kilometres away from the nearest kids as well.

Had a very pleasant weekend - lovely weather and plenty of gardening done. The roses are coming out and the garden is taking on a soft, ethereal look. One of my passions is growing heritage roses, so the garden is full of pinks, ranging from the softest, almost white to lovely deep burgundy shades, interspersed with soft creams, apricots and yellows. None of the bright moderns for me. I love the muted shades, the delicious fragrances and the old forms in all their variety.

Don hasn't cut the lawns for a while, so it looks a bit scruffy, but you can get an idea of some of the roses. The rose below is one of my real favourites. it is called "Cornelia" and is quite delightful.

This 'blog' stuff is still a mystery to me. I think I have all the photos perfectly arranged on my page while I am creating the post, but when I come to publish it, everything seems to move around somehow. There are still many things I need to teach myself about 'blogging'.



  1. I think your Blogging technique is perfect Liz and what beautiful photos of your garden, makes me want to walk barefoot on the lovely lawn. cheers Pennie

  2. You have the loveliest garden Liz. Nice profile photo too. :-)

  3. Join us in the blog confusion!
    I think I have it all worked out where each pic will be -with comment attached.
    Only to discover they dont match at all! And, even using preview, it doesnt give the true set up, so it is a bit hit&miss!
    LOVE your roses- the green must be flashing from here! We could grow them in NZ, & they thrived, but here on the Central Coast.. mine are not happy at all. I have a neighbour who is an Horticulturist, who seems to get his going--- but he has access to tonnes of mulch, & 'magic potions'.