Friday, October 13, 2006

Good intentions

October 14th

I had really good intentions this holiday of spring cleaning the whole house - top to bottom. When Don retired in April, I let the house cleaner go as he said he would take over. Of course he tries, but it's a male sort of try and so the house really does need a good scrub and polish.
I started off well and gave our bedroom a thorough going over from top to bottom. Even went through wardrobes and drawers and threw out a load of old stuff - no, I kept Don. Its amazing how much one accumulates - I am sure I did the same thing in January . Then I did the bathroom - well I do that thoroughly once a week anyway.
Next room - the sewing room. I decided that it not only needed cleaning, but it needed a total reorganisation. Off to Cheap as Chips I trotted, coming home laden with plastic conatiners of all sizes. I really did throw out some stuff, but it seems that I really need everything in that room. Now that I've started putting it tidily in plastic tubs, I seem to have even less room to use. Crammed into spaces untidily seems to take up far less room. So 4 days later the room is even messier than when I started and I just don't know where to put those conatiners I have filled. I think what I really need are shelves all around the room to hold the tubs, but then where will I put my cedar chest of drawers and the old pigeon holes that came from the old Islington Railway station, and my bookshelves and the sewing cabinet.
Have a look and see what I mean.

Where do I go to next? Will the room stay like this forever? How am I ever going to get in there to sew? Will it be done by Christmas so my brother can sleep here? And what you see is only a small part of the whole!!!

Watch this space for the next exciting episode of Good Intentions!!


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