Thursday, October 26, 2006

Cute is for Kids

Thursday October 16th

Had to laugh today. My kids are currently writing the articles for the school year book. This particular activity is the major part of their English program this term. They write most of the articles, take photos, help with class pages from the younger classes, print, collate and bind the books, collect orders, handle sales and distribution - the lot. And all with me just checking that they are on the right track and providing proofreading and quality assurance. Its great fun, the kids love doing it and take great pride in their achievement at the end of the project.

Two of the kids had to research all the changes that had occurred in the school this year, write an article and take photos. This was the most important change/innovation they could think of.

The new soap dispensers in the toilets have been welcomed with great joy!! And there is only a small pool of liquid soap on the floor each day!!

SRC have been campaigning for these for some time now. They rated even higher as important changes than the new basketball court!

No accounting for kids, is there?

The garden continues to welcome Spring as the roses and late spring bulbs and perennials start bursting into bloom. The watsonias are looking their best at the moment.

Funny, because I am really not a pink oerson and never have been, but I love pink in the garden.

We have just planted a lime and a fig. We didn't think limes would grow up here, but the nursery man told us that with this rootstock they would do well. He has always given us sound advice, so we will give it a try.
We also discovered from him that the reason why our olive tree gets no fruit (well, only one olive last year) is that we need another for cross pollination. Now why weren't we told that when we bought it. maybe because there are so many feral olive trees in the Adelaide Hills that he thought we would have no hassles. So we have bought a mate for our Kalamata and they are currently snuggled up together, hopefully 'doing it'.

And it looks like the pistachio trees have 'done it' because there are tiny pistachios on the tree. Funny because we couldn't find any flowers on the male tree. Very discreet. Fingers crossed. I love pistachios!

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  1. Home grown pistachios, lucky you! Do you have to salt them in some way or is that unnecessary?