Thursday, October 19, 2006


Thursday Oct 19th

Remember my good intentions of a while ago and my horribly messy sewing room. Don was convinced that I would never get it tidied - and for quite a while I was having similar thoughts. Well, have a look at it now! Just lovely. Now I'll be able to get in there and do some sewing - when I can find a spare minute. This photo actually only shows one of 3 walls that have stuff stored, stacked and packed.

In the process of cleaning and tidying, I found so many UFOs (unfinished objects) that I had forgotten about from quilt tops, to blocks, cushions, doll and teddy kits, cross stitch, smocking, scrapbooking and so on and on and on............................. I have enough to last me well into my dotage just from things that need finishing off.

And as for the fabric I have forgotten about. I had better not say too much about that as it represents a lot of dollars. Lucky I have such an easy going husband!

Spring, true to it's traditions has also brought a new member to our extended family. We are great aunt and uncle to another cute little girl - Matilda. Congratulations to Matilda and her proud parents, big brother and grandparents. Isn't she the cutest chubby bub?

She brings the total so far for this generation to 2 grandchildren (both girls), 9 great nieces and 4 great nephews. The girl tradition continues. Don's father was the only surviving male in his family, so he did the right thing and had 6 boys to keep the family name going. Those 6 boys produced 9 girls and 5 boys and now this new lot is predominently girls as well. Weird !



  1. Congrats on the tidy sewing room and the new bub. Now which one are your prouder of I wonder :)

  2. Well done on your sewing room sort-out. It looks terribly organised - but can you find anything?? :-)