Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Back to School

Wednesday Nov 1st

Last Sunday Don and I went to a Back to School day for his old primary school - a small Adelaide Hills School. We'd been to one a few years back and had enjoyed it, so off we went again. Don found lots of old mates and had a great time talking about old escapades, cricket games and football tussles.
I even came across a number of kids I had taught when I was teaching at the local high school and who had also attended this primary school. I get a lot of satisfaction out of meeting old students and hearing about their lives since school. Some of them have made outstanding contributions to their communities and others have achieved great academic heights. And there are those who have made good lives for themselves and their families without fanfare and glory. I feel very honoured that I have in some small way been able to contribute to their lives.

The photos below are from the reunion.

Don, Paul and Mark. Three of the 6 Needle boys

Needles and Pins

And last, but not least, Don with his best friend from nearly 60 years ago. They only catch up on rare occasions as George lives in Queensland, but nothing changes!!



  1. LIz, just reading your blog and see the Williamstown school sign. In the 18 years i lived in SA - where i was born i have never been to williamstown but all of my family are meeting there for christmas in the caravan park so thought it was just a coincidence to see the sign on your blog!!!
    happy times, Helen

  2. Thanks Helen. Maybe we will catch up one day - at Williamstown.