Saturday, November 11, 2006

Weather and things

Saturday November 11th

It seems an age since I updated my blog, so my apologies to any readers who have been waiting patiently. I haven't really had much to say.

At the moment it is trying to rain. We are currently going through a very dry spell - so much so that Adelaide and most country areas have been put on water restrictions for the first time in many years. We are lucky , I guess, because other areas of Australia have been on water restrictions for several years and now it is our turn. At the moment we are allowed to hand water and to use sprinklers at night three times a week, but that also may change soon. Meanwhile I get up at all hours of the night in an effort to keep the garden alive.

Heartbreaking to think that this garden in which I have sweated and laboured and which our family has enjoyed for over 30 years may slowly die. A pity that our governments are so short sighted that although they knew that this would eventually come to pass, have done nothing to solve the problem of lack of water in Australia.

We have been promised rain this weekend and indeed it has been threatening to rain here all day. Cloudy and humid, then the sky darkens, a wind blows up and the first drops splat down with the promise of a good downpour - then stop!! And so the build up starts again.

Maybe later tonight, maybe tomorrow, maybe never. We live in hope.

Liz Needle


  1. Loved visiting your garden and home and sewing room again! How divine are your roses!
    Can't believe the soap dispenser- i think it's my fave photo :-)
    Just realised I'm supposed to comment on 'Weather and things'-ahh what can I say living in the metropolitan city with the harshest water restrictions. It's amazing how rapidly I adjusted to being a watermiser and the plants to a 'little' water regime. Just love that sugarcane mulch.The roses struggle though. So please keep posting those gorgeous piccies of yours!

  2. we've been on stage four for a while ... no outside watering AT ALL ... for ANY reason. I'm not on town water anyway so I make my own decisions about how I use my [ meagre ] supply, but the local garden lovers have been reduced to buying tankers of water to keep the historic garden at Buda going.

  3. We're starting to struggle here, though things are still a bit green. jan 1st we aren't allowed to use sprinklers at all. We are going to put in drip irrigation - at least on the roses and camellias. Would hate to lose them.