Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Hi All,

I'm having a lovely time in Sideny (apologies girls from Sydney. I can't resist. I once taught a kid (a girl called Sideny Fridd - as true as my name is Liz) who was so called because her mother loved to holiday in Sideny. I hope she doesn't have access to the internet!!) Any way I am thoroughly enjoying my holidays with the grand daughters. Wish I could send photos, but DD has a thing about her kids appearing on the internet - and fair enough. I will post some photos to the cows when I get back. I think that will be OK.

Today we did the swimming bit - a regular daily thing during the school hols. The instructor did threaten to kick my youngest grand daughter out of the class if she didn't stand still and listen!! For heavens sake!! The child is only 3!! I taught swimming and ran a pool with 600 children for more years than the instructor has lived and if she can't cope with one lively, intelligent and totally bored child, then she shouldn't be teaching. She's lucky I didn't leap into the pool and biff her. I have watched the classes and honestly I think they are the most uninterested, bored lot of teachers (no, instructors) I have ever seen!! If they had been working for me - they wouldn't have a job by now!!) You have to make lessons interesting and fascinating for kids (yes, even swimming) and these young instructors missed the boat entirely.

Off my hobby horse. I have very definite ideas on teaching and think I know what I am talking about. I am still teaching after 45 years and the kids still enjoy it - even Maths!!!! Shut up, Liz!!

We went to Fox Studios and spent time painting plaster models - even me, riding the Merry go Round, jumping in the bouncing castle, exploring toy shops, buying Christmas decorations, going to the movies, cleaning bedrooms, reading stories, dressing up, making gingerbread men - all the Nanna sort of stuff I have to catch up on. Just delightful!! Home again tomorrow with lots of lovely memories and the knowledge that they will all be in Adelaide in December, sleeping in my sewing room, hogging the TV, terrorising the dogs, cooking gingerbread houses in the kitchen, decorating the Chrissie tree, wrecking the garden, trashing the house and twisting Don and I around their little pinkies!! Lovely!!

Catch you all when I get back home.


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  1. Enjoy maths! I wish you had been my teacher when I went through school.