Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Scatterday J

Scatterday J
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Finally catching up after my computer disaster. Except for the blown up printer, all seems to be going smoothly - though I know it's tempting fate to make comments like that.

'J' - hmmm. I found this difficult. I knew what I wanted to photograph, but couldn't find the opportunity to take the photos. I'll show you what I did get .

Sport - Jump Rope for Heart jump-offs - just one of the many things I have had to cram into the last 2 weeks. And also James jumping in the Long Jump. I had wanted to photograph the javelin being thrown!

Pointed things - Hmm. Tricky. Hope this passes the Scatterday Police. A very sharp lady - full of angles and pointed comments. Our Minister for Education, Jane Lomax-Smith.

Restaurants - there are only 2 'J' restaurants in Adelaide - 35 kms away. Here is the only photo (a very poor one) I could find - Jolley's Boathouse Restaurant. The other one is Jasmin Indian Restaurant.


  1. Well done Liz, I like your education lean with your choices!

  2. A sharp politician - who'd have thunk it? Good lateral thinking and wasn't your school a good source this week? I hope you can find a nice smelly child called Anne or Alice or something!