Saturday, October 06, 2007


May be a bit late this week with my scatterdays. I am flying off to Sydney tomorrow - Saturday - to see my little darlings. Sorry guys, but my time in Sydney is all too infrequent and very precious. 3 or 4 days twice a year and every minute spent in catching up with my grand daughters - and that time not nearly long enough. I never thought I would become so totally hooked on little kids, but there you are.
One day I promise I will make time to catch up on Sydney friends, but not this time, alas. Only 4 days. Not enough time to even find out how much improved is the reading, how kinder is going, how far we can now swim, what we have learned in ballet and gymnastics, how many tricks the dog has learned, who loves who and who has kissed who, what new clothes we have and who are now the best friends and who is no longer on the friends list.

Back in 4 days. Catch up with everyone then.



  1. I'll bet you are having a wonderful time Liz and I hope we get some photos. Pennie

  2. enjoy the kids we too have grandchildren interstate alas only see them once a year

  3. I completely understand your feelings, Liz - aren't grandchildren just THE BEST?!?! Cheers, Di