Friday, October 12, 2007

Scatterday F

Scatterday F
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Early this week, but we have a busy day tomorrow.

Cold things - Frozen Frosty Fruits from Foodland - how's that for alliteration?

Signs - a couple of local ones. Fairyland - yes there really is a Fairyland, Virginia. Mosaic maker didn't like the F.
And of course Foodland - chosen more for the Mighty South Aussie bit than for anything else.

Elements - Frost in our garden.

Had a lovely surprise today. One of my ex-students from 35 years ago rang last night to say she was in Lobethal and could she come and visit. She was one of my favourite students ever and as she was a very good athlete and sports mad, I was her favourite teacher.
That was back when I was a young Phys Ed teacher and coached Athletics, Hockey and Softball as well as teaching Phys Ed and running vacation swimming. Val was a top athlete and a very good hockey player.
Nice when kids - well, she's nearly 50 now - remember you and make contact. Makes teaching very worthwhile.



  1. Love your frosty fruits Liz and I remember Fairyland. I haven't been there for a few years though. Wasn't that nice to catch up with one of your old students. Is she still sporty?

  2. Great F photos Liz. Frost could have been a cold thing too. But That alliteration is to die for.

  3. Clever girl with the Frosty Fruits! And wow, look at that frost!!! We barely get frost here so I'm impressed :-)

  4. See you are still getting frosts we had on this week also.... So nice for you to have an ex student visit shows you must have been well liked

  5. Love your F photos, Liz! That is one serious frost. We don't seem to get frosts here any more - just too much warmth from all the hard surfaces round about. Great for my garden, which goes on growing tomatoes and the like right through until the next summer.

    How lovely to see your ex-student like that.