Friday, October 26, 2007

Scatterday P

Scatterday P
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Finally back online after a monster computer crash. Missed the "P", and as I didn't want to miss out, I am doing it today - only 6 days late.

Sweet things - primroses in my garden. Just the most beautiful perfume and such sweet little flowers.

Red things - post box - very red

Metal - Pauland Pils in a metal can and a very old metal pump both of which I found in a pioneer village we visited.

We have had a very hectic first week back at school - more next time, but it was capped off by the crashing of the computer. We decided that there was so much hidden stuff buzzing away after 10 years that we(my computer geek and I) decided that a total cleanout was in order. Sounded good. Get rid of the junk, save and re-install my documents , favourites, address book etc - all the things I really need. Of course I would have to re-install all the software and printers etc, he told me. No problems, says I. Done it before, says I.

Computer came back yesterday - everything working so much better. But, couldn't get online. Had to re-install something or other. Could I find the CD ? Yes!! Three hours later!!!

Then the printer - wouldn't plug and play. No way. Had to be done another much more complicated way!! And when I finally got it ready to go, tried to print and the b....y printer blew up!!!

OK - now for the scanner!! For some reason it would not install. Needs new driver or some such!! All sorts of weird messages. Computer man out for the night!! I gave up. Who needs a scanner right now anyway.

So far all the other stuff seems OK. But I didn't need all that last night when I had 6 dozen biscuits to make for morning tea at school and a whole day of special lessons to plan for our 150th birthday Open day. But, I survived, the biscuits were a hit and the kids and the old scholars enjoyed the day


  1. Liz I totally commiserate with you re the computer. Wonderful when they work, totally stressful, hair pulling out, swearing and throwing things scenario when they don't!
    Good job with P, primroses are gorgeous little plants aren't they.

  2. Welcome back Lizzie. Excellent photos though I have no clue about the Paulandpils in a can! Enlighten me!

    Are we getting Scatterday J as well?