Thursday, January 25, 2007

Too long

How long is it since I wrote anything on my blog - 17 days? And to think when I started, it was almost daily. Good intentions..........................
A lot has happened in the last 17 days - well a lot for me. Don and I drove to Sydney and had a wonderful few days with our two little grand daughters. I'd love to put up some photos, but we have agreed not to take the risk. We also spent a short time in Canberra catching up with my brother and some very old(not in age) and dear friends. It always amazes me how with some friends it doesn't seem to matter how long it is since you have met, the closeness and comfortable feeling is still there.

On Saturday we are going to the wedding of a cousin and my son Mark is doing the catering. He has been cooking up a storm in my kitchen for a week - and doing his own cleaning up. He's lucky he has a mother who loves buying kitchen equipment so he has a fairly well set up area to work in.
Then, on Monday, its back to school. To be honest I wasn't looking forward to this year with an expected class of 32 Year 6/7 kids - and a mixed lot at that. I was very pleased to go back on Wednesday and be greeted with the news that we had enough new enrolments to make an extra class, so I will start the year with 20 kids - pure bliss! Even more exciting is the news that the new enrolments are also new arrival children from Vietnam. Lobethal is very conservative, very much a white Australian background and it is going to be wonderful for our children to have children from another culture at school. My class is having two Vietnamese girls in Year 7 and I am so excited about it.

I took my non-digital camera away with me as it had a film in it to finish. The photos came back today, so I am sharing a very special one with you.

Don's Christmas present last year was a visit with the cheetahs at Monarto Zoo, so of course I had to share it with him. It was the most amazing and awesome experience.

Liz Needle

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