Monday, January 08, 2007


Puddling around the house last Saturday, still in my PJs at about 11.00, when Mark asked me if Don and I were going out that evening. Rather puzzled as to why he would ask that, I replied that no, we weren't and why would he think we might because we rarely go out Saturday night - or any night for that matter.
He replied, "Well, it is your wedding anniversary!" Don and I looked at each other, then simultaneously burst out laughing. We had both completely forgotten. Usually he forgets and I remember, but this year it had completely slipped our minds. 45 years of wedded 'bliss' and we had forgotten this 'significant' day. Needless to say, we still did nothing. Too hard. We just spent a very companionable and relaxing evening at home watching a movie - Sandra Bullock (Don's favourite) in some film or other.

And here we are on that fateful day 45 years ago. Don, all 10 stone of him and me with a 19 inch waist - how things have changed!! So young and inexperienced. Both 21 and parents 9 months later.

Finding that photo got me going so here are a couple more Me with my mother and little brother, Fran; Don with his mother and big brother, Fred.

These old photos are such fun. Must get my scanner organised and do some more.

Liz Needle


  1. Congratulations Liz, 45 is pretty special I'd say, nice way to celebrate it though :-) I never had a 19" waist so lucky you! Cheers Pennie

  2. Love those old pics! They are wonderful, I love looking at the clothes.
    Congratulations on 45- we've only 'done' 40.