Monday, January 08, 2007

Where has the time gone

The second week of the year already and all those NY resolutions if not forgotten then at least disbanded. I did walk for 2 days, but I haven't eaten any less and the weight hasn't decreased as yet - and not likely to. Little housecleaning done, no sewing and no gardening done. In fact I just don't seem to be able to stir myself to get moving. I have read a lot of books, answered numerous email, surfed the net and played Patience on the computer.

I did finally get motivated enough to clean and tidy the pantry shelves - and my sewing room is still immaculate - only because I have a quilting block and haven't done any sewing in the darn room these holidays!!

I was actually horrified at the state of the pantry. So many things had passed the 'use by' date. Items had I bought on a whim because they would be useful some day and then were never used. Items doubled up because they were on a 'special'. I think I half filled one of those council bins with packets, bottles, jars and tins of unwanted foodstuff. Such a waste!! I can just hear what my mother would have said,
"Just think of all those starving people in Africa," just like she used to when I was little and wouldn't eat my tea. I can remember then telling her that she could put my tea in a box and send it to the starving people!

One of the packets had a 'use by' date of March 1990!!! Probably could have taken it in to the local 'antique' shop and sold it for a fortune. Still in the original packet - unopened.
Never again! From now on I am going to keep my pantry in order the way my mother would have expected. Oh dear! Another NY resolution.
Liz Needle

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  1. Your spick and span pantry is most impressive Liz!! I too have been guilty of finding the odd ancient packet of something when I do a pantry clean-out. Usually a spice of some sort - do they really go off?? :-)