Monday, January 01, 2007


Monday Jan 1st

Happy New year everyone. We celebrated with just the two of us - New Year is never a big thing for us and I much prefer to be quietly at home with Don and safely off the roads on New Year's Eve.

This morning I started out as I plan to continue - very funny!! I took the dogs for a 3km walk then came home to a braekfast of fruit and cereal. Then I weighed and measured myself in preparation for the 2007 onslaught on the middle-aged spread - I wonder how long that will last - the onslaught, not the middle-aged spread!

Last Friday we had our annual family Christmas get-together with Don's family. It was a lovely evening and great to see two new additions to the family - great nieces Matilda and Jessica. That makes 12 of the next generation. I do enjoy these get-togethers and every year we say we should do it more often, and every year everyone is always too busy.

Jill and grand daughter Matilda

Olivia and Will with our old dog, Jeb

The old boys!

The 'not so old' girls

Liz Needle

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