Thursday, February 15, 2007

New Blogger and quilting

< I have just swapped over to New Blogger and am not sure how it is going to go. I seem to have a new URL and when I go there, I cannot see my old posts. Hope that is not going to be the case, but we'll see. It is such a time since I posted that I am feeling very guilty. School has been very hectic as I explained in my last posting, but it does seem to have settled down a bit now. And, best of all, I am about to start quilting again - at last. I have been collecting fabrics for a while and have found a gorgeous quilt pattern to use. It's called "Stars in My Garden" by Lori Smith and it is just superb. Applique and piecing. I cut out and vliesofixed 8 blocks last night, but realised that I really don't have enough variety of fabric, so had to go shopping today. What a shame!! LOL. Got home ready to start another set of blocks, unrolled a new piece of vliesofix and the whole lot fell apart!!! Tragedy!! It is definitely Murphy's Law. And the shop was closed, so I couldn't get any more. Very frustrating and not good for my new found enthusiasm. So, I decided to do the 'blog' thing instead. Here is a photo of some of the blocks - they won't be set this way. Unfortunately the colour is not quite right thanks to the flash. The backgrounds will be a more buttery cream.

Liz Needle

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