Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Watery Wednesday

Just comparing the state of water in Bali and South Australia. Bali is at the end of its wet season and all is green and verdant. While we were there, we had some heavy afternoon rains and after an hour the drains that ran alongside the main roads had overflowed and the rubbish that was carried in the drains finished up all over the road. Amazingly by next morning every bit of rubbish had been picked up and the roads and roadsides were spotless again.  I wish I had taken some photos, but the rain was too heavy to stop and take shots.  However, next day we did visit this waterfall and saw the results of the torrential rain the afternoon before.

Back in South Australia the drought was continuing as is shown by these shots of one of the large reservoirs which supply our capital city(Adelaide) with water.

This is all under water in good years.

The creek feeding the reservoir a mere trickle.

Bali could be a million miles away!!!

Liz Needle

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  1. Amazing photos, water, and earth, and life within and around us, are all so precious!