Monday, May 20, 2013


Well, I actually missed Sepia Saturday this week because I did not have any internet - a long story involving a couple of bozos driving a delivery truck down our drive without checking anything overhead and taking out our telephone cable!!!

So, because this is my favourite meme, I am catching up on Monday - thanks to the Telstra repairmen.

The theme photo this week shows kids hanging upside down. I couldn't find any inverted children  so decided to try to find photos of kids playing in my collection.  And I couldn't find any old ones - I don't think they were allowed to play while having photos taken. Instead I found some shots of kids (of all ages) playing up for the camera so these will have to do instead.
Early 1900s - this group of young men belong to a group called the "Yunglings Verem". My German is non existent, but I think it was a German youth group in Adelaide.

 The Forties - and I got a camera for my birthday - a Box Brownie, which I still have.
We went to Kangaroo Island for a family holiday and the tour bus broke down. So here we have "THE MEN AT PLAY".  Luckily I had my camera on hand!! How many men does it take to fix a bus???

Early 1950s - Here are some of the street kids posing for my camera.  We lived in a new suburb and there were a lot of kids around my age. I would have been 11 or 12 , though most of these (except for the tall lad) are the younger children in the neighbourhood. The other older boys wouldn't be in it.

Late fifties - and I actually found an upside down photo. This one is of me at about 17. I was pretty keen on Gymnastics and I spent a lot of my time upside down whenever and wherever I could.

The Sixties - and I have matured a little. No more standing on my hands - Hockey is the name of the game now.  It's probably not difficult to work out which one I am. This was a practice game in Darwin.

The Seventies - and here a few family shots. My husband is one of 6 boys and in the 70s they didn't get together much as we were living all over the place. So when we did it was always time for celebrations. This photo shows "THE LADS" playing up for the camera.

And of course "THE GIRLS" had to be in it too.

And of course "THE KIDS".

The Eighties - I just had to show this one in colour. High School kids having fun raising money for charity.

The Nineties - and of course it is never possible to take a serious photo when you get a group of adolescents posing, especially after a game of mixed football.

And so to the modern generation. Kids never change. The playground is still the favourite in the 21st century.

Thanks for visiting my very Late Sepia Saturday.

Liz Needle


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  2. A lovely trip through the decades, which I enjoyed immensely.

    It is hard to pick a favourite but I love all the supervisors and the broken down bus.

    I also enjoyed doing handstands like you but it was normally inside against a wall.....not with concrete underneath me!

  3. What an absolutely fabulous collection of photographs. I agree with Sharon, it is difficult to pick a favourite given the quality of them all. It is just thoroughly enjoyable to be able to look through them. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a gruesome-looking fundraiser! But I too enjoyed the decades-approach to your post.

  5. what a cute bunch of photos! love the beards on the guys in the 70s. :)

    so glad you have your internet restored!

  6. A marvelous journey through Time!!
    I think I especially like the one you took in the '50s,
    the older kids holding the smaller ones in place for the pic.
    Great post!!

  7. I liked the novel approach to the theme - visiting the decades in turn, and what a great set of pictures too.

  8. It was worth the wait! I'm glad I checked to see if there were latecomers.