Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday's Fences

I'm a bit light on fences this week. Had a busy week and today it is pouring with rain.  Up to 4.00pm we had 25 mm (1 inch) with more to come. The side paddock is flooded and the dam is filling fast. Yippee!!!.

So, I have dug through my recent snaps and found a couple taken at home.  The first was taken through my kitchen window, through the fence around the verandah.  The birds are new Holland Honeyeaters in my birdbath.

Mark has been chopping down huge old willows in the side paddock. Sad to see them go, but they were old and beginning to lose branches and fall of their own accord, so the decision was made to clear the paddock and revegetate it with more appropriate trees. These are a couple of the fires we have had this week. Willow wood produces a huge amount of fine white ash so it is not suitable to use inside as it leaves a white residue on every surface.

This is the last remaining willow. You can see how grotesque and ugly they have become. This one will be a problem to cut as it is leaning over the fence and likely to fall on the garden.

Hopefully next week I will have more time to look out for fences.

Liz Needle


  1. love the shot of the birds around the bath - after several days of rain and cold winds we've got hot sunshine back again!

  2. the birds look so cute and happy!

  3. That are really some birds you have there. Hope to see some more pictures of them in the future.

  4. You may have been late but it was worth the wait. Your have some very interesting fences.

  5. i hate to lose trees. those birds sure are cute! glad you're getting great rain!

  6. The view of the birds through the fence is charming.

    Neglected Fence

  7. Love the perspective for your bird/fence photo, Liz. Looks like you've applied a special grid effect to the photo.

    We all love willows, but they can be a troublesome tree because of roots on the surface and general weakness. Hope you can find replacement trees that work better for you.

  8. Love the first shot with the birds. They certainly do look like they were enjoying the bath. I love those old gnarled trees. Sadly, I've lost quite a few in my pasture recently. Hopefully, I'll get some planted if the weather ever cooperates this spring.

  9. Sweet little birds!
    That's a lot of tree work.

  10. You could have made some cricket bats ! I never thought Australia was wet enough for willows.

    1. And that's another story too. The first cricket bat factory in Australia was in out town of Lobethal. There are willows all along the local creeks, now being cleared because tehy block the creeks.

  11. I love your birds on the birdbath! The detail in the wings is wonderful!