Saturday, May 11, 2013

Friday's Fences

A little late this week.  I have been looking for hedges and there don't seem to be many around.  I remember as a child that there were a lot of beautifully manicured and sculpted hedges, especially in the more affluent suburbs. I guess in those day people could afford to pay to have their hedges trimmed. Some of them had the name of the property cut into the hedges, others had topiary figures on top of the hedges. Others were just perfectly maintained. It seems a pity that these beautiful fences are becoming fewer in the modern day.
I did find a few in my area, but nothing as grand as those I remember from my childhood.

A large hedge in need of trimming.

A beautifully maintained hedge

The hedge that got away

A neat hedge and a neat fence. Love the crooked sign post

A hedge on the way

A newly planted hedge. This one has been planted around that big property I featured way back. It actually goes all around the huge house block. Will take some maintaining. They can probably afford to hire a gardener just for the hedge.
 I am issuing a Hedge Challenge.  Can you find a hedge that rivals the old style hedges?Hhave you a decent hedge in your area?  Please post it.

Liz Needle


  1. only one place on the way to town had a hedge of shrubbery, but many of the bushes died out in our drought year before last. i noticed just recently they had cut it all out.

    i love the dark wooden fence in that last shot!

  2. In my area too, there are mostly hedges and no fences !
    Very nice pictures !

  3. We saw an amazing hedge last night - and I didn't think to take a photo of it. It must have been 15 feet tall and trimmed perfectly - I am thinking about going back to find it again and getting photos now. We both commented on how hard it must be to trim it. I love all your photos of hedges and hedges-to-be.

  4. i love the last shot. that fence is so perfect. must be very new. ( :

  5. This was a fascinating post! I'd never really thought about hedges much before. It was interesting.