Sunday, December 23, 2012

A New Thing to Do

On a fellow quilter's blog, I found a photo project called Fridays Fences, so I thought I'd join in. The idea is to take a photo of a fence or through a fence, so here is my first effort.  Although it is Saturday here, it is still Friday in USA - I think.

My fence is historically very famous in Australia. It is of the Dingo Fence, taken when we were on a trip to Lake Eyre. We took some very out of the way outback tracks and found ourselves at the Dingo Fence. It was originally erected in the 1880s to keep dingoes out of the south eastern part of the continent. It is the longest fence in the world at 5614 kms.

Not the best shot in the world, but it was taken with one of those old fashioned (non-digital) cameras and then scanned. Will do better next time.

Liz Needle

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