Monday, January 07, 2013


My first Scatterdays post. After much frustration because Blogger appears to have changed its uploading options, I have finally got my photos sorted, thanks to Ramona - also a Scatterdayer.

The theme this week was  'W' and the categories were Expensive, Exciting, Musical and  a WIP.  I actually found this letter very difficult and am not entirely pleased with my efforts this time.

Water is expensive and it is costing me an arm and a leg to keep my precious garden alive through this extremely hot spell. I am dreading the news that there will be 'Water Restrictions' this summer.

Wine is exciting, especially when it was my first bottle of real French champagne.

Wind in the Willows is musical, a lovely soft whispery sound. I had hoped to create a video here, but can't work out how to download from my camera onto the blog.

And finally the only WIP - Work in Progress I have at the moment is the organising of my new sewing room. It's a long story and a long process, interrupted by the comings and goings of my son. One day I will get it sorted.
  Next week the theme is the letter "R' and the categories are a Mammal, Technology, Transport and Something Red from my sewing room.  Off to put on my thinking cap.   Liz Needle


  1. Lovely photos - and you too have chosen water the same as I, great minds think alike

  2. Your garden looks lovely. So inviting on a hot day. It is worth keeping it alive.

    You are not alone with the photo upload problem. It's listed as a known issue on the Blogger site, but they haven't posted a fix yet.

  3. I finally uploaded my photos to my Picasa web page and Blogger accepted them easily.

  4. think your table is a distinct stage or two ahead of mine.......LOL.
    I was going for water as expensive also. But with an oval behind me I am keeping my back garden watered as much as I can.
    I think staying home and watering is about the same expense as going out to a film or something.

  5. lovely photos. A few of us chose Water as being expensive, but in your case its well worth it love the garden. umm and would you like to come tidy my sewing room :)

  6. Lovely photos Liz and love your garden. We need rain in Melbourne to top up our watertanks. Enjoy the champagne.