Saturday, December 22, 2012

Koala Count

On November 28th we were involved in the Koala Count in South Australia. We were required to record any koala sightings on that day. All told over 1000 sightings were recorded , but this figure was probably lowewr than expected because we had a day of temperatures over 39 degrees.  Any self respecting koala would have been snoozing in the coolest spot it could find, not gallivanting about for silly humans to find.

Since then we have become quite obsessed with koala counting and regularly record sightings and photos on the Koala Count website.  Here are some of the photos I have been lucky enough to snap.

This beautiful boy has been around for a few years. We call him Kenneth and he is quite unafraid. He is distinguished by a white speckled patch on the bottom of his nose.

This is a younger fellow, lacking the white chin that Kenneth has. We have called him Kelvin.

                                                                                                     Kenneth again - or is it Kelvin. Not sure. Doesn't seem to be any white around his nose. Also seems to be a younger boy than Kenneth.
This female and her joey  have been in our garden twice that we have noted, usually in response to the very loud growling and calling from either Kenneth or Kelvin.

This is Kenneth again, You can clearly see the white under the nose.

This mother and joey were spotted while I was driving to town. Quite unperturbed by a noosey woman and her camera.
Below is the mother without her joey.

I hope you enjoyed our koala gallery.


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