Sunday, January 13, 2008

Fun Day

Saturday Jan 12th

I had fun today. Played with some more ATCs. Heavens, they are addictive. If I am not making them, I am thinking about them.
This time I cut up a block I received in a Jan Mullins swap. I added a photo image of a sun, machined around it, did some quilting and voila! some more little cuties. Such fun to do and the beauty is if you muck up, its only a few square inches to throw out. LOL.

I made four like this for the SCQ ATC Swap.

This week I got back 3 quilts that had gone to Tracey Browning of Constantine Quilts for quilting. They are wonderful. She is such a talented machine quilter. I really should be binding them as I speak, for the Retreating Angels upcoming show in March. Trouble is I am hooked on these darn ATCs. When I do get the binding done I will show you what a marvellous job Tracey has done for me.

Sitting watching The Da Vinci Code - for the 3rd time, when a strange noise was heard coming from my computer. Totally puzzled I sat down at the desk to discover that it was a Skype call from Ireland - the mother-in-law of DD2. A wonderful lady and a good friend. Trouble is I could hear and see her, but she could only see me!! My microphone isn't functioning. Very disappointing. So I rang her instead and we had a chat. Have to get that mike fixed though - Skype is so much cheaper than international phone calls. LOL!!!



  1. I love your ATC! Hope I get one in the swap. :-)

  2. I love your ATC Liz - seems lots of people are into them these days. They are lovely and bright and cheerful.