Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Doing my thing

Monday Jan 7th

Since the family left on New Year's Eve, I have been puddling along doing my own thing - catching up on reading, gardening (when the hot weather allows) and quilting. I have been able to put together the first five rounds of a Block of the Month and am really pleased with it so far.

Not so pleasing is the fact that the shop has run out of the border fabric for the last round, so if anyone out there knows where I can get it, please let me know. I am looking for a red and beige regency style stripe from Nacy Kirk's Civil War 1 range. It's by Benartex and is now a discontinued line, though may still be available in shops or in stashes!! It also comes in green, blue and brown, but I desperately need 1.5 metres of the red. Happy to purchase any amount.

Here is the quilt with 5 rounds done - 2 to go. The quilt is called 'Civil War' and was designed using the Nancy Kirk range for The Patchwork Apple in Woodside, South Australia.
The other things I have been playing with are a set of ATCs. These are the first ones I have tried and I am finding them challenging and intriguing. Way out of my comfort zone here. I am NOT an art quilter - very traditional and non-experimental, so this is all new to me. What do you think?

Have to admit I didn't start from scratch with the ATCs. The embroidery was an experimental piece I did at a workshop, so I cut it up and put it to some useful purpose. The photo doesn't really do them justice. The embroidery is in red and then a silver/gold variegated thread which doesn't show up here.
Now I have to design some more for a swap. Something bright and cheery.
Liz Needle

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  1. Ooo Liz, I like your ATCs - very original!