Thursday, January 19, 2017

One Evening in the Garden

We have been having hot days but beautiful evenings lately and if we spray ourselves to keep the mozzies away, we are able to sit on the veranda and watch the bids having a last drink and feed before settling for the night.

A small group of Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos flies over about the same time each afternoon, but yesterday they decided to visit a while right at the top of our Copper Beech tree.  For once I had my camera on hand and was able to get these rather fuzzy photos. While the beautiful cockatoos are moderately common, I always get a thrill when they stop by.

That particular evening we also had a visit from a white-browed scrubwren. Again fairly common, but rather secretive so we don't often see them in the pen. Luckily they love our bird baths.

An Adelaide Rosella stopped by for a while and surveyed us from the top of the Dogwood

And now the Agapanthas are flowering, the new Holland Honey-eaters are very busy taking nectar.

Thank you for visiting my garden and the birds that frequent it.  As I sit here at my computer, I can hear that it is raining outside. Hopefully it will be slow and steady all night.

Liz Needle  -  linking with "Wild Bird Wednesday" And "Outdoor Wednesday".


  1. Wonderful birds and flowers, too!
    Hope you are having a great week!

  2. Love the rosella but the agapantha was my favorite, especially among those lovely blooms! Hot...I think I'm forgetting what that feels like! :-)

  3. You get many different kinds of birds than we do. - Margy

  4. Beautiful shots. My favorites are the honey-eaters!!

  5. Very pretty bird photos Liz, special visitors to your garden. Thank you for leaving your sweet comment. Happy New Year!

  6. Those Black Cockatoos are a rare sighting over our way (SE Gippsland). Your photos are great and a good record. Same thing with the New Holland Honeyeaters. Glad to see your new bird bath is still popular :D)

  7. These are some amazing visitors! I would love to see them for myself, but for now appreciate your photos so much!