Sunday, January 22, 2017

My New Best Friend.

More rain yesterday and the garden has freshened up again. Unfortunately it also came with strong winds, so we have more trees dropping branches. Some of them are broken but not fallen, so we walk under them very carefully.
Once again there were many power outages - fortunately not us this time. It's becoming a common thing in Adelaide and the wider area and must be costing the state government a fortune in compensation, not to mention, repairs, cleaning up and insurance.

Meanwhile the garden is thriving and my water bill is looking quite healthy.

I have  new best friend!!  Last year we got Bunnings(hardware store) vouchers for Christmas and I bought myself a small battery operated hedge trimmer which has been very useful for trimming bushes. We also bought a rather unwieldy lawn edger, but it is so hard to manoeuvre  that I have gone back to trimming the lawn edges with my trusty secateurs - time consuming and hard on my back. Last week I suddenly remembered that my hedge trimmer pack included  small blades for trimming lawn -  Duh!!  So, now, like magic I am trimming the lawn edges in a fraction of the time!!

 My new best friend - HERBIE!!

And the edges, while not as clean cut as the job done by the  large edge trimmer, are nevertheless neat and tidy.

I have been so busy playing with Herbie, that I have forgotten to do my "Floral Friday Fotos" this week, so here is a selection of what is blooming in the garden at the moment.

 I love hydrangeas, especially this pretty lace cap.

One of my favourite roses - very old world.

Bergamot - a very useful perennial that pops up every year.

A little geranium

Another lovely rose

Enough for now. It is late and my bed calls.

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  1. I am glad Herbie is working well for youand all your flowerimage are superb

  2. Thanks for the preview of things to come in this area. Oh by the way, be careful with Herbie, he might bite!