Wednesday, August 17, 2016

They're Back

Several years ago we were lucky enough to have a pair of White Faced Herons nesting in our pine trees and raising a family of two.
Fledgling plucking up the courage to take off.
The following the parents returned and chose a nesting site, but they were so harassed by the local Currawongs, that they took off and did not return. They did not return last year either much to our disappointment.

However we were very excited last Saturday when it became obvious that the pair had returned and made a nest in much the same spot. Today we are a little concerned that only one of them is visible and is sitting on a branch not far from the nest and calling.

He/She sits there for a time calling then flies off. It may be that the other one has started sitting, but we are concerned that something may have happened to one of the pair. I guess that only time will tell.

I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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  1. Hello!:) Amazing captures of the White faced Heron. I hope nothing has happened to the one that's missing.

  2. Keeping fingers and toes crossed that all is well with the missing heron.
    JM, IL

  3. Nice pictures. Do hope the other is ok.

  4. Such a beautiful bird. Getting attached to wildlife can be so heartbreaking. Over the years I've had several feral peacocks that I grew very fond of. My first was killed on June 26 2014. I'd had him for probably 8 years. Then suddenly last year the female failed to show up midsummer. Finally, Phrank, who ate out of my hand, stopped showing up in late spring. I figure both Petunia and Phrank were killed like Pete was. I always have to remind myself to not become attached. I hope both birds are soon within your sight.