Sunday, August 07, 2016

Sepia Saturday

Our prompt this month is this rather elegant wedding photo. I don't have a lot of wedding snaps in the family albums - not old ones anyhow, but I have been able to find a few.

This one is of my great grandparents, taken in 1877. It is a pity that the details are not clearer as the dress she wore looks very intricate.

These two are the parents of the bride on the occasion of their Golden Wedding Anniversary

I am not sure who this couple are - probably friends of the family, taken in the late 1800s or early 1900s. Edwardian dress style I think.

This happy pair are my English Aunt Mildred and her husband, taken around 1920. This is one of the very few photos I have of my father's family. He was cut from the family and sent to Australia as a Remittance Man to come to his senses and stop embarrassing the family. What he did, we have no idea. All kept very quiet.

Moving along to 1939, this elegant couple are my uncle and aunt. I really wonder how she managed to walk in that dress.

How fashions change. This is another photo from the English side - one of my cousins taken during the 50s.

And my own wedding in 1962 in a gown made by myself.

The 70s saw a great change in wedding gowns judging by this photo of one of my cousins, taken in Darwin in 1970. The gentleman is my husband who gave the bride away. It looks as if the bride is being propped up here.

In the 80s my eldest daughter was married in a gown made by her mother - me. In fact I made all the wedding dresses. How on earth did I find the time.
And finally to the nineties when my second daughter was married.

So a parade of family weddings  over 120 years.

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  1. A wonderful progression of wedding gowns. I had to smile at your cousin's 1970 gown. Very typical of a fashionable young woman of the times. But my favorite is the elegantly slim off-the-shoulder gown your second daughter wore at her wedding. You made that one too, I assume, and are obviously a fine seamstress - like my younger sister, I'll bet, who finished inside seams so perfectly she could wear her creations inside-out and no one would notice!

  2. This post looks like one about historical wedding gowns! It is nice to have family photographs that go back as far as the first ones you have.

  3. This is a wonderful collection of photos. You are quite a talented person to have made these wedding dresses!

  4. I made my own Wedding dress but never anything as fancy as you did Liz! Wow!

  5. Absoluely a wonderful collection of wedding photographs Liz and lovely to see. thanks for sharing with us. You certainly have wonderful hands for making things

  6. Snap - I am doing something similar with wedding dresses down the decades in my next Sepia Saturday post. You have such wonderful examples - my favourite is the elegant dress of your Aunt Mildred. I remember my own aunt wearing a big round fur hat like the lady on the left in the 1950's wedding and what can you say about the mini dress! Your own skills shine through with the dresses you made for your daughters - love in every stitch!

  7. You really have quite an assortment of interesting wedding photos, old and new(er). Very impressed with your sewing! I made my own wedding dress in the 70s and the bridesmaid's dress that I wore for my friend's wedding a month later, but that's all.

  8. I'll join the group of your admirers of your beautiful sewing. There's a certain specialness about creating the dresses for your daughters that I'm sure they'll always treasure. The bridesmaid in black is a bit unusual too. Great photos.

    1. I didn't make my second daughter's wedding dress - she lived too far away. The bridesmaid is actually wearing dark green lace. although it does look black in this photo.

  9. What an incredibly nice collection to have. And perhaps the train was carried by the groom all day. That way she always knew where he was.

  10. How lovely to have examples going so far back. A wonderful gallery of weddings.

  11. Oh dear, now I am feeling a little guilty. I did make my wedding dress , my eldest daughter's plus both her bridesmaids and flower girls, but no my second daughter's. Apologies if I led you astray.

  12. I agree with everybody - a beautiful parade of wedding photos through the years. I wonder what your uncle did to get sent to Australia to straighten him out, and if it worked!