Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sepia Saturday 2

Thanks for all the nice comments about my sewing. I have made a few wedding and bridesmaids dresses in my time, but not for my second daughter - the last photo in that last post.

Here is another family wedding photo that I was sent.

My aunt and her husband in 1944. The flowers are gorgeous.

And when you take the plunge, the consequences are usually children. Here are the bride and groom's children 10 years later, having a play wedding of their own.

And I couldn't resist adding this 1977 wedding.

Don't you just love the groom's white suit.

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  1. The veils in all photos - including the cute little kiddies' play wedding - are voluminous! But the groom's white suit in that third picture brings back a fun memory. The groom in this story worked for the forestry service and was usually seen in a proper uniform. So when, at his wedding, he appeared at the alter in a full white suit, the congregation - obviously startled and surprised to see him thus - broke out in whoops and whistles with a lot of laughter and applause. Meanwhile, the bride, waiting out of sight for her cue, wondered what in the world was going on because she had no idea her groom was going be dressed so. :)

  2. More great photos and the groom in a white suit loooks so ‘cool’.