Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wild Bird Wednesday

On an impulse yesterday I detoured from my trip to the supermarket and had a quick look at a wetlands area that has been established at nearby Mt Barker. I had passed this before, but never had the time to stop. I am so glad I did. The wetlands have been established on the outskirts of a rapidly growing regional town, making use of the recycled water from the nearby sewage treatment ponds.

Despite the proximity of a new housing development and a very busy road, I felt like I was in another world as I ventured into the area. Very natural looking scrub has been developed using local flora and there are extensive ponds housing a good variety of water birds. I would liked to have lost myself for a couple of hours, but alas, I did not have the time and after taking a few quick photos, I left reluctantly, but determined to return and explore thoroughly.

Pacific Black Duck - probably the most commonly seen duck.
Purple Swamphen

And further interest in the garden. Some of you may have seen the shots of the galah feeding a nestling that I posted earlier this year.  Well, the galahs are back building a nest in the old red gum. Hopefully there will be more young this year.

There are three of them there. I wonder if one of them is last year's baby?

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  1. Great close ups!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  2. love the eye slash of the black duck. :)

  3. HI Great that you diverted to this place and got those shots. I love the head of the Black duck

  4. Great photos. The wetland sounds really good and I especially like that old gum and the galahs in it.

  5. It's amazing how they can create these little pockets of solitude amongst the hustle and bustle of urban life. Our Greenfields Wetland is very similar.

  6. Wonderful shots Liz!
    I'm sure you'll want to return soon now that you know what ithas to offer.

  7. It is wonderful to have such a refuge so close in to the city. Beautiful photos1