Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Our World Tuesday

The Monarto Zoo in South Australia is a free range zoo specialising in breeding and rearing endangered species mainly from Africa, Asia and North America. Several years ago it was the first zoo to breed Cheetahs and the breeding program was acclaimed and replicated around the world. The first litter of 5 cubs(from memory) had to be hand reared as their mother became ill and was unable to rear them herself. 

This was actually very good publicity for the zoo and its breeding programs as visitors were able - for a price - to get up close to the cheetahs. These are pictures of my husband and me getting in touch with a cheetah. The zoo keeper in the pictures is the girl who developed the breeding program and hand reared the babies.

Three of the cubs. They have all now been sent to other zoos around the world for similar breeding programs.

Don and I - probably one of the biggest thrill of my life.

The keeper who was responsible for the success of the breeding program.

 Earlier this year we were at the zoo when an announcement was made that the white rhino had just given birth to a baby. Here he is at approximately one hour old. Oh so cute! 

And one of my favourite shots from the zoo - a man at rest.

We are so lucky to have this wonderful zoo just a few kilometres away.

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  1. oh, that rhino is so tiny looking! i hope they continue to be successful with their endangered species breeding programs.

  2. So fun! Not many people can say they pittd a baby cheetah.

  3. I can see why that's one of the thrills of your life!!! How cool to pet the Cheetah!!!

  4. Wonderful pics. I really love the wild cats and had the thrill of petting a cheetah in Kenya. I don't think I would do it again however.

  5. How cool! Love the baby rhino! :)