Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Wild Bird Wednesday

During the winter I always spread bird seed on our lawn for the wild birds. The seed eaters find pretty slim pickings during the cold wet weather and it has been cold an very wet here this winter. These pictures aren't very clear because they were taken though my (rather dirty) kitchen window and my camera is not the best for zooming in with, but it will give you an idea of some of our winter visitors.

The galahs are back and nesting in the old River Red Gum again. We're hoping to see more babies this year.



The Adelaide Rosellas vary in colour  from very red through to orange and yellow I love the variation of colour we get with our southern rosellas.

The magpies rule the lawn and allow other birds to feed  as long as they keep out of their way.

 We had a family of 5 baby blue wrens last year and we took great delight in watching them grow from little fledglings on long spindly legs to cheeky, confident young adults.  We still have the family living here and they visit every day. The girls are the brave ones and will come within a metre or two while we have our coffee on the veranda in the mornings. They move so quickly that I have trouble catching them in a decent shot.

I love these little fellows - red-browed finches or firetails.. We get them in quite large groups of up to 25 at a time.

 Liz Needle  -  Linking with Wild Bird Wednesday


  1. Beautiful birds! I love the rosellas.

  2. Great colours on all these visitors!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. HI Liz all beautiful birds adn I love them all especially the Rosellas

  4. you get FABULOUS yard visitors!

  5. I echo Tex! Such exotic--for us--visitors. Couldn't possibly pick a favorite. I too am just spreading birdseed right now while deciding on permanent feeders, but mostly get bossy blue jays, cardinals, and sparrows.

  6. Except for the finches, it could be on my place on the farm, the full compliment with finches we get at our house on Mt.Lofty.
    It is really much too early for rosellas and wrens to be in mating plumage which they have been for a month now. Our wood ducks are already nesting. I wonder if it all presages an early, hot summer?

  7. Splendid garden birds - my feeding schemes this winter have come to nothing - maybe there is too much natural food in my leafy part of Melbourne!

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW - Stewart M - Melbourne

  8. Our birds in Virginia are quite different. Nice to see yours.

  9. WOW, you have a wonderful yard for the birds. They are all beautiful. Great shots.