Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday's Fences

I've been a bit lazy lately and have been neglecting my blog, so now is the time to get back to it with Friday's Fences. I haven't seen much of interest lately - probably because its been too wet and cold to venture outdoors. Today we had beautiful sunshine so we went for a drive and snapped this cute entrance to a toy factory.

This factory and its giant rocking horse have been around for a number of years now and the horse is a great attraction for kids who love to climb the many steps up to the lookout on its back. I'm not sure whether the public is allowed up to the head - I don't think I would take up that challenge even if I was allowed to try..

Liz Needle


  1. This is fantastic! Go horsey go!

  2. oh, that is so cool! love that you can climb it!

  3. Well, horsing around is fun for the kids!
    Nicely Liz!


  4. It is fun for everyone, even us older kids.

  5. What a fun thing! Whatever that factory makes, I would buy one just to thank them for the horse.