Friday, July 05, 2013

Friday's Fences

Not a lot on offer this week. We have had 3 days of lovely winter sunshine and so I have been out in the garden snipping, raking, pruning and planting. One evening I went for a walk with the dogs and took these pics of a neglected vineyard at the back of our property. It is owned by a fellow who has tried a number of schemes, one of which was this vineyard. Unfortunately for a lot of people like him, the wine industry took a downturn and many amateur 'would-be'  vignerons, having impetuously spent a lot of money setting up their vineyards, gave it up as 'too hard' and 'not enough return' for their investment.

 There were young  vines growing here, but they were never looked after and after a year the owner gave up on his grand plan.

This is my barbed wire - a relic of the days when we had a goat stud.

The vineyard from the bottom of my hill.

Liz Needle


  1. what a perfect time to take the vineyard shot. like!! ( :

  2. i'd think a winery would be very hard work! so dependent on weather and good conditions!