Friday, February 03, 2012

That room!

The Wedding Anniversary over, I put my energy into cleaning out the sewing room. It is the last room in the house with the original baltic pine flooring, but sadly the borers have made a meal of it. For some time little holes have been spreading and now it has become paper thin in places - I actually put my foot through a floor board a few days ago - and I don't really weigh all that much.

And this isn't the worst part of the floor - just the bit I forgot about.

Sewing room partly cleared.

Much better. Just a couple more big things to move and then we find someone to replace the floor.

With Mark living in town,the granny flat will now become my sewing room/office/computer room and whatever else I wish to use it for. But first it will be used to store all the stuff from the old sewing room while a new floor is installed to make the room available as a spare bedroom and also the many boxes of accumulated school resources/rubbish until I have time to go through it and throw out what I don't need any more - most of it I think.

Sewing stuff moved - well this is a bit of it. Still more to go. It is now a lot more messy than in this shot.

The school stuff at the other end. This is actually a lot better now as I have thrown out a lot of it.

As well as this stuff I have been busy preparing our application for the Old Age Pension and sorting out superannuation. Hours of paper work, but I have to say I have been really impressed with the help and service we have had from the Centrelink staff. Fantastic. Hope it lasts!!

Liz Needle

Post script: Mark has just told me he has to move out of his shared house and needs to store some of his stuff at home. Also needs a place to sleep until he finds new accommodation. Guess where he will be sleeping? You got it!! My new 'maybe' sewing room!

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