Monday, February 13, 2012

The Bad with the Good

A very mixed day today. First Don had an appointment with his heart specialist. He had a pacemaker put in a couple of months back and it has taken a long time to settle down - or so we thought. He has been feeling generally unwell and put it down to getting used to the pacemaker. Every time he rang the specialist's office about it, he was told the pacemaker was working fine and he had to be patient.
Last week he went to gym and felt really unwell. pains in shoulders, arms and jaw. He thought he had done something to his pacemaker, but when he checked with the monitoring service it was working perfectly. However when he described his symptoms he was advised to see his GP asap. He did and they were concerned enough to hospitalise him overnight and give him a cardiogram which showed a few irregularities. That was last Thursday. As he had a cardio appointment on Monday he was told to go home and take it easy over the weekend.

Fronted for his cardio appointment and the proverbial hit the fan! The specialist put him into hospital straight away, muttering that it was time GPs learnt how to read cardiograms properly. The upshot is that he is to have an angiogram tomorrow because he has angina and will need further treatment depending on what they find. And we thought the pacemaker was going to solve all his problems. But then we thought that about the two ablations and all the other procedures as well. Poor fellow. I keep my fingers crossed that eventually they can sort it out so he can once again enjoy life as he used to.

On the brighter side, we had planned to buy ourselves a new car today, but I finished up going it alone. Quite exciting really. I eventually signed my life away (or my long service leave payout) on a totally gorgeous Mazda 2 Genki. I am in love!! This photo is not the Genki, but close. I could not fit the real picture in my scanner. I pick it up on Friday and Don is green with envy because he may still be in hospital for the big event. It is 11 years since we had a new car, so it is a big thing for us.


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