Monday, January 11, 2010

New Year's Resolution

My resolution this year was to keep up to date with my various commitments - including my blog. So far I have done a pretty lousy job. However I am at least up to date with making my ATCs - if not posting them.

One of my excuses has been that the 'm' on my keyboard has not been working. Quite remarkable what gobbledegook one can write when one letter doesn't work. However, that has been rectified and now I have no excuses.

We had a very pleasant Christmas this year. For the first time in many decades (apart from two restaurant meals) I did not have to cook Christmas dinner - the girls did it and at Jo's place not ours. Have to admit that I did feel very bereft for a while not having a hundred and one things to do on Christmas morning - but a few wines soon made me feel far more relaxed.

The Sydney contingent stayed with Jo and Steve this year which was better all round as they didn't all have to squeeze into the sewing room, but had the luxury of a parent's bedroom and a kids' bedroom.

We had an indecent number of presents under the tree and a mountain of wrapping paper to clean up, but we had such a lot of fun and this was followed by great food and entertaining company - and NO family arguments!!!

In among the wrapping paper.

Erinn enjoying the cream puffs

A quiet moment reading a Christmas book. Lovely now that Niamh can read to Erinn. They share some very precious moments.

I do love Christmas.

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