Saturday, November 28, 2009

Will it ever end??

Disaster follows disaster. We have had a night and now a day of steady rain, which is very welcome, but along with the rains we have had high winds as well. One of the trees along the driveway shed a large limb this afternoon, narrowly missing Don's little truck. Then, as we sat having tea, we heard a crack and a thump outside and went out to find a large limb of the old willow across the lawn. We have many old willows that we planted 35 years ago to take up the water in the side paddock which is always a bit of a bog. They looked lovely for a long while but as they have aged, they have become top heavy and brittle. During the last few years they have begun losing limbs on a regular basis. In fact the side paddock looks a lot like a bomb site.
So I wasn't too fussed when the willow came down. However 10 minutes later there was another crack and a thump and we went out to find a large limb had fallen from the claret ash, just missing the outdoor table and the chiminea on the patio. This was starting to be a worry. Five minutes another limb down, but by now it was getting dark and we couldn't see it, so we assumed it was one of the willows in the paddock. Since then there have been at least 6 loud noises and thumps - I wonder what we will find in the morning!! Hopefully they will all be willows, but at some stage we are going to have to get a tree expert in to clear the willows as they are now a tangled mess of limbs and far too big and dangerous for us to do anything about.
Lesson to be learnt - don't plant willows!!!

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  1. So how did it all end up, Liz?

    I have to admit, I was one of those who gave up on you for a while!

    Why not do a followers gadget?