Wednesday, November 25, 2009

About time

Why do I do this. Get all enthusiastic for a while, then nothing ............................... for ages. It's no wonder all my thousands of fans and followers have abandonned me!! LOL!!

In my last blog I proudly displayed some beautiful shots from the garden. Alas, since then the news has been pretty disastrous. Our glorious old flowering gum - at least 70 years old - decided to drop one of its very large limbs - right on top of my rose garden and across the drive. It took an age for the tree man to come and clean it all up, but I guess we have enough firewood for next year - leaves a very bare patch in the rose garden though.

A week later, down came another, higher branch. It is a very one sided tree now. We are going to have to get a tree doctor in to look at it, as some of the other limbs are looking rather unsafe as well.

More garden disasters tomorrow when I get my camera organised.


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