Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Two days in a row. Amazing!!!

Adelaide has been hit by Panda Frenzy!! This Christmas nearly every little girl must have received a panda in her stocking. They were everywhere. Funi and Wang Wang (pronounced Wong Wong because so many jokers were substituting the 'g' for a 'k'!!) must be the best known names in Adelaide.

So, Jo, Mark and I took the girls to the zoo!

After a long and tiring tour of the zoo, we duly lined up with hundreds of others to wait 45 minutes or more for our time to see the precious pair - tedious, boring, but like everyone else there we were captivated by our first contact with real live pandas. We had heard that all pandas do is eat and sleep, but we must have been there on a good day. Funi, in particular put on a very cute and entertaining performance and the several hundreds who were there with us were totally under her spell. Shutters snapped, video cams hummed and the very photogenic pair were captured on a hundred cameras. Small matter that the reflective glass gave a very poor picture - we had our photos!

Just as impressive is the area in which they are housed. When we were there, they were still in quarantine and behind glass, but they are due to be allowed outside mid-January, so next time we will see them in beautifully landscaped custom - built compounds.

I for one am a fan. I will be going back!!


  1. Lovely little girls and lovely big pandas, I remember taking my children to Taroonga Zoo to see the pandas there many years ago... they are just delightful aren't they!

  2. Yes, we took ours to see them at Sydney zoo, too. We had organised 3 coachloads to go, and we had to have tickets with specified times to see them. We asked the zoo what times were the best, and we were lucky to see them happily playing for the full time we were watching them. We all fell in love with them. I still have a Panda magnet and one of the kids Panda backpacks!