Monday, October 06, 2008


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Don and I have been busy trying to get the garden in order. The drought and water restrictions were very discouraging and we let the garden go last summer. After a good winter the garden had sprung to life again and is looking quite lovely. The spring bulbs have all come up regardless of the drought - bulbs are so rewarding. They seem to forgive all.

The daffodils have all but finished and the bluebells are holding sway. The blue is just amazing, but unfortunately, the colours lose their splendour once they are photographed. The garden is awash with shades of blue at the moment. And the occasional pink clump. Such a satisfying bulb. No matter what you do to them, they flourish in the shady areas. I love them. To add to the blue we have babiana just about to flower and grape hyacinth and iris as well.

Soon the roses will wake from their winter sleep and the pinks, whites and golds will add to the spring colour in the garden. It will be interesting to see how the roses recover from the lack of water during the summer. We were amazed at the hardiness of the camellias (we only lost one) and the magnolias. Plants are surprisingly adaptable.

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