Friday, October 24, 2008

More broken

Some more 'broken' photos. Our place is just full of them. The trouble is that with me working full time and Don retired, but not very fit, we just can't get to fix these things - and to pay someone to do it is well beyond my means ( about $15 000 to clear away all the fallen willows!).

Thirty odd years ago 10 acres was fun - hard work, but fun. Now it is getting too hard. Trouble is that we have made this place so perfect (for us), that we can't bear to bite the bullet and sell up. Where else could we have the peace and solitude, the birds, koalas, echidnas and possums, the beautiful garden? Nowhere that we can afford, that's for sure!



  1. Would a local Guide or Scout group be able to clear up some of the wood for you whilst practicing their woodcraft skills?
    I know my Scouts would love to have a go but Os is too far to come!

  2. I love the natural wild look of your place. I wouldn't want it any other way if i lived there.