Monday, September 15, 2008

Spot the Difference

Finally finished the blocks for the Web Challenge quilt and spent today trimming and putting them together - block by block, row by row, being careful to match everything up, get seams butting, blocks in the right position - you know the drill. Done it many times over. Checked it out with my spyhole and everything looked in place. Great!

Photo take. Quilt spread out on the lounge room floor. Dogs locked outside. Ladder in so I could get high enough to get good shots. Finally photos taken and I stood back to admire the effect. Then........................ big expletive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I won't tell you what I said. It was very naughty. Can you see what I saw?

I couldn't believe my eyes. And I had checked it so carefully. Looked at it over and over.

So back I went and carefully unpicked what I had to and did it again, but what a bummer!!!

Below is the corrected quilt. Much better. Now I have to add sashing and borders, then get someone to quilt it. Too big for me to manage under my sewing machine.

It's my first significantly red quilt and I rather like it. Not sure where to put it mind you as my house doesn't cater for red, but I am sure it will find a home.



  1. I did spot it, but only because I was looking for something!
    I would have left it and called the quilt "This way up!" and claimed it was deliberate! lol

  2. Oooooo...I hate when I do that.
    I always have to put the quilt-top down for a few hours while I stew, then it takes great self-control as I mumble to myself while carefully ripping out my mistakes. But in the end, its time well spend vs. giving up on the project.

    You quilt looks beautiful and I love your colors!!

  3. Okay Liz I volunteer to have it in my home - red would go just fine in my house thanks. Its a stunner!

  4. I looked at the 1st photo and thought 'beautiful', looked at the 2nd photo and thought 'even more beautiful'

  5. Liz, just catching up on your blog, a bit late, VBG. Took me QUITE a while to see it, but then it was like an Eureka moment. (I'm not a prolific quilter so I blame it on that!) Aren't you supposed to put a mistake in a quilt deliberately, or is that the Amish people who believe only the Lord is perfect? Anyway, a fabulous colour scheme whic I just love.

  6. I saw! I can only imagine the thoughts I would have had...would have made you blush to hear my thoughts. I like the colors, I like the quilt!