Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Wet Photos

Hmmm,. You can tell I'm on holidays - I have time to spend on my blog. As you can see if you have visited before I have changed the colour and style. I like this green for a change.
Have to say I was disappointed at the size my 'wet' photos turned out with Mosaic Maker. Mine always seem to be small, whilst similar ones on other blogs seem quite large. Wonder why that is? So, I have decided to publish them again because I like them.

These are photos I took of the TV screen during the Women's Road Cycling Race in Beijing.


  1. Nice pictures Liz. Yes I was disappointed with my mosaics being so small too and so I make my mosaics in Corel Draw now. I am not sure how the others get them to appear large.

  2. Great photos!
    I don't use picasso or flickr, so don't do mosaics, just upload from my computer and select the size.