Friday, September 28, 2007

Scatterday W

Scatterday W
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Lovely surprise for me this week.

1. Black things - our wellies - a dirty black, but still black
2. Toys - Boys toys - weights
2. Tools - Whippersnipper. But look what I found in the shed. A nest built on the whippersnipper. And in the nest - a cute little mother blackbird. Such a brave little mum. Not in the least fazed by a clumsy, nosey human with a flash!!

HOLIDAYS!!! I am on holidays as of now. Time to sew, I hope. Have some quilt tops to get ready for quilting, so hopefully that is how I will be able to spend a few days. But, already DH is saying - "two weeks together. Now what shall we do? " Grrrr!!!!


Oops!!! Just realised that the topic is "games", not "toys". How did I get that wrong. Will have to think about that. Lucky I did it on Friday so I have a day to correct it.


  1. Good choices Liz wellies something everyon has lol.

  2. Well done Liz. I found this week hard!

  3. I had black wellies in my head but never found them. Well done on the others. We'll forgive the toys.

  4. I knew you'd have black Wellies Liz... and sorry Christina they aren't something everybody has LOL none it this home :-( And what a place to build a a whipper snipper!! Oh well the blackbird must have felt safe in your shed. Pennie

  5. ...and the blackbird would count as a "Black Thing" too! How clever you were, Liz!

  6. Perhaps Don could do some whippersnipping while you quilted?

    You know, I kept thinking that all things had to be black too!