Saturday, September 22, 2007

Scatterday B

Scatterday B
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I actually found this one more difficult than Q for some reason.

1. B is for bee
2. Favourite things - some of my bears. Grew up during the war years so never had any of these as a child.
2. Big things - and what could be bigger than Brad?
4. Shop - did you ever play that game as a child - "I went shopping and I bought..........". Here is a selection of 'Bs' from my shopping at the supermarket - baked beans, borlotti beans, battery, bread mix, butter, bread, baking powder, Brasso, beer, a bottle of Bird in Hand wine, biscuits, basil etc.



  1. Great lateral thinking, Liz. And no, the bolts of fabric in my Scatterday offering are not mine - they still belong to Spotlight, where I photographed them on the sly yesterday afternoon.

  2. Lizzie - a Brad fan!?! Who'd a thunk it? Now - how did you get hos photo? What a good idea about the b groceries.

  3. I do like a pretty face, Michelle.